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Welcome to Anita Jackel Leather Design.

I am passionate about creating versatile, personal, and comfortable soft leather bags and purses for you - with love. You’ve got your own style. You like to express yourself. My unusual, unique designs allow you to stand out in the crowd. I would love to assist you in finding the perfect purse for your lifestyle and body type. 

How my bags are designed

My bags are designed to be multi-functional and can be worn in a variety of ways. Transform your purse easily into a backpack or cross body bag to make life easier on the go.  You can easily adapt your Anita Jackel Leather Design purse to fit your style, body & design preferences. Watch this video to see how to transform the Origami Triangle Fold Piano Bag.


Love is in the detail - I love detail!

My signature rock closure connects you to nature wherever your travel takes you.


Pick your colours - we’ve got lots!

Did you know that you can customize your colours? At Anita Jackel Leather Design, I can customize your bag's colours to fit your personal style. 


Buy less, choose well, make it last.

~Vivienne Westwood

This quote inspires my brand. My unique designs outlast and outshine any short lived trend.


About Anita Jackel

Adventurer, nature lover, traveler, and free spirit.

Hi, I’m Anita - Adventurer, nature lover, traveler, and free spirit.
I have loved the smell and feel of soft leather since I was a curious little girl sneaking into the grounds of my hometown tannery in Hailer, Germany to collect small leather scraps from the dump site. It was not safe for kids to go through the waste, and one day I was caught.

The factory owner was influential in my small town and knew my parents. She called me into the office and asked what I was looking for. I knew I’d done something I wasn’t supposed to, but I spoke honestly: “I just like to use the leather scraps to make small change purses.”

Impressed with my answer, she gave me a good-quality, valuable piece of leather under one condition: “Do not go back into the dump site but show me what you’ve done with it.”I never found the courage to return to the tannery, but grateful for this chance, I have been playing all my life, gluing, sewing, and transforming leather pieces into purses big and small. 

As the founder of the brand Anita Jackel Leather Design (AJLD), I create unique leather bags and purses for you to take on your life’s adventures.

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

  • I like how passionate you are about your work, I can feel that you really love what you are doing.

  • I have been using your bag every single day for the last 20 years. Now, I am ready to get a new one...!

  • unisex-hand-made-leather-bags-men-women-satchel

    I am so impressed by your quality and how well the purse stood up. 

  • You are really thinking about benefitting your customers - what they would need and like in a bag.

  • Your devotion to practicality along with your beautiful design is amazing. 

  • piano-look-leather-style-handmade-bags

    Your designs are so unique! They are a piece of art! 

  • I have 3 of your bags and they are all used equally. The leather stands up so well, … They are brilliant designs!

  • I am a satisfied customer for the 4th time now!