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Super VII Leather Balsam - 220ml | Leather Conditioner

Designer: Anita Jackel Leather Design

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We discovered this amazing natural leather conditioner & protector in Germany a few years ago. A salesperson on the street convinced Anita to let him apply the leather conditioner to her handbag—not realizing she worked with leather for a living, of course.

We’re thrilled to help meet the insatiable customer demand for Super VII Leather Balsam. Made with jojoba oil and beeswax, this completely leather care product smells amazing and works wonders. One container is enough to protect 10 leather couches or 1,000 leather shoes.

The beeswax impregnates, protects and waterproofs all leather and skins. The jojoba oil conditions & nourishes the leather, restoring its original colour, preserving its appearance and extending its life.  

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The best leather conditioner in luxury leather care.

See why Super VII is the best leather care product on the market! Also, be sure to check out the customer reviews below.



Apply Super VII on leather surface sparingly with supplied sponge. Work into leather. The balsam will immediately penetrate the leather, leaving the surface soft, smooth and protected with no residue.

APPLICATION: Super VII can be used on all types of smooth skins and leathers. Protects leather car interiors, leather furniture, leather footwear, leather luggage, leather handbags, leather jackets and coats, saddles and tack, sports equipment, and more. 


Can also be used on vinyl and imitation leather. Do not use on suede or chamois-type leather. 

Made in Germany - 220ml Tub

Read our blog, and find out why using jojoba oil for leather care is the best choice for protecting your leather goods! 

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