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Leather Care & Cleaning

Like any other fine leather product, your new leather bag will require some care and cleaning.  Before you wear your bag or leather purse, you should waterproof and stain block it with a fine leather balsam.  Leather conditioners that contain beeswax & jojoba oil help impregnate, clean, soften & waterproof your leather products.

For a step-by-step guide to cleaning & conditioning many different leather products, read our blog on A step-by-step Guide to Leather Care

The product we use the most on our leather products is called Super VII Leather Balsam

We discovered this amazing natural leather conditioner & protector in Germany a few years ago. A salesperson on the street convinced Anita to let him apply the leather conditioner to her handbag—not realizing she worked with leather for a living, of course.

The beeswax impregnates, protects and waterproofs all leather and skins. The jojoba oil conditions & nourishes the leather, restoring its original colour, preserving its appearance and extending its life.  

At Indian Summer Leather Design, we are thrilled to help meet the insatiable customer demand for Super VII Leather Balsam. Made with beeswax and jojoba oil, this completely natural leather conditioner & leather protector smells amazing and works wonders. One container is enough to protect 10 leather couches or 1,000 leather shoes.

This product will also condition the leather to keep it looking new.  Super VI can also be used on  your leather shoes and coats.  Not for Suede or split leathers.

Small amounts of dirt may sometimes be removed with a small amount of gentle face soap.


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