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Indian Summer Leather Design

Indian Summer Leather Design’s soft leather purses & designer bags are cherished by women who love practical and versatile designs that suit their active lifestyles—without compromising fashion.  These stunning bags are available in an array of vibrant colours and unique shapes, and are guaranteed to turn heads. 

Designer and owner Anita Jackel-Deggan’s passion for leather began early in life.  When she was a little girl, she would sneak into her hometown tannery in Hailer, Germany and collect leather scraps from the dump to glue into little change purses.  She later studied fashion design in Pforzheim, Germany, and completed an apprenticeship with a well-known leather designer, Pia Petrini, in Berlin. 

When Anita immigrated to Vancouver, Canada, in 1994, the first thing she did was send for her heavy duty walking foot Pfaff sewing machine, which she’s been using ever since to make her beautiful soft leather bags.

Indian Summer Leather Designs combine Anita’s European background with a touch of Canadian West Coast flair.  All bags are created in British Columbia by a small dedicated team that includes Anita’s partner, Brian, who helps with sales and admin. Their studio is located on Gabriola Island, where Anita is constantly inspired by the natural environment, including Sandwell Beach where she collects small rocks to use as closures, and by the many artists who live and work nearby.

Anita and Brian have deliberately kept Indian Summer Leather Design to an “artisan’s" scale in order to be involved in the entire process, from creative design to placing the bags into the hands of the women and men who will ultimately wear and love them.

Recently, Brian and Anita added Super VII Leather Balsam to the product line of Indian Summer Leather Design. 

We discovered this amazing natural leather conditioner & leather protector in Germany a few years ago. A salesperson on the street convinced Anita to let him apply the leather balsam to her handbag—not realizing she worked with leather for a living, of course. She instantly knew that they needed to share Super VII Leather Balsam with her valued customers. Made of all natural beeswax & jojoba oil, Super VII is one of the best leather conditioners on the market. The beeswax impregnates, protects and waterproofs all leather and skins. The jojoba oil conditions & nourishes the leather, restoring its original colour, preserving its appearance and extending its life. 

We’re thrilled to help meet the insatiable customer demand for Super VII Leather Balsam. Made with beeswax and jojoba oil, this completely natural leather conditioner & leather protector smells amazing and works wonders. One container is enough to protect 10 leather couches or 1,000 leather shoes.


Check out the Calendar page for a detailed list of upcoming shows where you can view Anita’s uniquely designed bags in person.

Check out the Super VII Leather Balsam page to find out more about Super VII Leather Balsam.