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Find Your New Favourite

Find Your New Favourite

Hi – it’s Anita from Gabriola Island! I’m thrilled that you signed up to my email list and would like to share with you some changes that have happened with... Read More

Your Leather Care Calendar

When you invest in a piece of leather, whether it's a pair of shoes, a handbag, furniture for your home, or your vehicle's interior, you want to make sure that... Read More
Caring for Leather Upholstery

Caring for Leather Upholstery

At Indian Summer Leather, we understand that you care about maintaining your leather goods. You invested time and energy into choosing just the right piece to compliment your home. Perhaps... Read More

How to care for your leather tack

Is Cleaning & Conditioning Your Leather Tack Necessary? Every equestrian knows that keeping their leather riding tack clean is an essential part of basic horsemanship. The longevity of any leather... Read More
How to care for your leather tack
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The benefits of Jojoba Oil in a leather conditioner

Just like your skin, leather has pores and fibers that must breath and remain moisturized. However, unlike your skin, leather no longer has the ability to protect and replenish itself.... Read More

The Benefits of Using Natural Leather Conditioner

"I bought that leather handbag over a decade ago, and it’s still one of my favorites. Every time I use it, I get the most compliments! It started looking a... Read More

Free Shipping

Hello Everyone, For a limited time you can receive free shipping when you order 3 or more Super VII Leather Balsam. It is a great time to stock up, But... Read More